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If you want the very best deals on used construction equipment and heavy machinery, you need to contact MY-Equipment right away! We are Houston's leading provider of quality used machines for agriculture, mining, construction, groundworks and forestry. From forklifts and backhoes to industrial excavators and cranes, we have the equipment you need to complete any job safely, quickly and efficiently.

We are proud to present heavy machinery for sale from some of the world's leading construction brands. This includes Hitachi, Komatsu, Caterpillar, Volvo, Massey Ferguson and Komatsu. All used construction machinery is sold as seen, after undergoing full testing and refurbishment in our workshop, with full documentation included.

Great Value on Heavy Equipment

Buying equipment is an investment that your business needs to get right. That is why we only stock and sell safe, fully tested machinery that we would be comfortable using ourselves. We have been serving Houston and surrounding Texas towns for many years, and we have a superb reputation with local companies and contractors.

One of the main reasons customers come back time and again is the exceptional value we offer. We know that every cent counts when you have a company to run, so we ensure that you get the best possible deal on the machines you need. Great service from our friendly team is all part of the package, too.



Construction equipment dismantling and moving Our Houston-based business works with clients all over the world. We provide a full dismantling service throughout the state of Texas, but we can also arrange engineers for national and international jobs. Make use of our heavy equipment dismantling as a standalone service, or use us for machinery transportation and more.   Our services cover all manner of heavy machinery from construction equipment to agricultural vehicles. We serve a range of business sectors, including farming, groundworks and landscaping, engineering, construction and forestry management. From your tractor to your excavator, we can strip down any vehicle and get it ready for moving. Our dismantling team can get you ready for long distance moves between jobs, or transport you safely to the workshop.     Here when you need us There really is no limit to the things MY-Equipment can achieve for you. We always go the extra mile for our valued clients. Whether we are helping your broken down machine find its way to the workshop, or shipping your whole work fleet halfway around the world, we take the same care and attention to detail at all times. Every job we undertake includes a full breakdown report, with detailed pictures of all packed parts and a guide to reassembly. We aim to make it as easy as possible to put your equipment back together at your new location. We can also provide support with reassembly on request, subject to location: contact our team to discuss your needs.   You can always count on us for speed, value and service. If you need your heavy machinery moving, and want a specialist to assist with dismantling, get in touch with our team today. Give us a call now on 1-281-934-4000


Construction equipment dismantled now Whether you've got redundant construction equipment that needs removing to a different site, or broken equipment that can't be repaired on location, ensuring its safe, fast dismantling is always a priority. Dismantling isn't simply a case of removing the relevant components, it's also important that the job is completed safely and in such a way that permanent damage isn't caused to the equipment. Because dismantling heavy machinery is a specialist job, we recommend using an experienced company that has the skills and tools to safely move your expensive plant. Custom construction equipment dismantling Although some dismantling jobs are straight-forward, in many cases an individualised approach is necessary. We are able to offer tailored answers to complex dismantling and heavy equipment transportation, providing a full site assessment and risk-assessed plan, prior to carrying out the work. Particularly for large-scale equipment, this ensures that movement complies with all necessary health & safety regulations. Construction equipment dismantled - realise your profit In some cases, dismantling construction equipment and then selling on the parts can yield a tidy income. Not only do sellers benefit from some extra cash, buyers end up with high-grade parts for far less than the cost of a new spare. Dismantling and selling on construction equipment can mean that inoperable machines can still generate some income through their dismantling, providing some money to offset the loss of the asset. If you've got a piece of heavy-duty machinery that's taking up space without delivering revenue, stripping it down and selling it on could be a great way to realise some additional funds. Dismantling heavy machinery: DIY or employ a professional? Although in principle dismantling heavy machinery and heavy equipment transportation isn't too difficult a task, it can be extremely time-consuming, particularly if you lack expertise or don't have the right tools to hand to get the job done quickly. In such circumstances, a professional team can often get the job done far faster and give you better results. Whilst the cost implications of using professional input have to be offset against the profit you obtain from selling the parts, it can often be money well spent. Why allow redundant machinery to carry on wasting valuable space in your yard or on site? Fast, efficiently dismantling could turn a rusting piece of junk into a tidy sum!


MY-Equipment has a team of skilled engineers on hand to help with equipment inspections and certifications. We can visit your site or yard in order to assess your machines, and we also have a full service facility at our Houston location. From safety inspections to repairs and maintenance, we can keep your equipment in top condition. Inspections and servicing for owned machinery When it comes to construction equipment appraisal, we aim to give you confidence in the condition of your equipment. We will provide all necessary documentation, including an in-depth condition report that details any damage and wear on your machinery. Our engineers can make recommendations for necessary and optional repairs, and we will provide an accurate estimate of the lifespan of your machines. In the event that equipment does need replacing urgently, we can help you source high quality used machinery from our extensive inventory. We are stockists for some of the world's leading manufacturers of construction equipment and heavy machinery - and all the equipment we sell has been through our rigorous inspection and appraisal process.   Regular servicing and heavy equipment appraisals It is essential to have your equipment inspected and appraised on a regular basis. The legal minimum for the construction and agriculture industries is every 12 months, but we recommend six monthly checks for equipment that is used heavily. When it comes to safety, you cannot be too careful. Our appraisal and inspection service is also here when you want to sell or part-exchange your machinery. Whether you are selling to us or another equipment supplier, we can offer an accurate and honest inspection report that helps determine machine value, covers any damage or wear, and includes statements of condition for official records. For more information on our heavy equipment appraisal service, and to arrange an appointment with one of our engineers, call the MY-Equipment team today on 1-281-934-4000


For a fast, reliable and safe way to move construction equipment around the world, get in touch with the team at MY-Equipment now. We offer international shipping and forwarding for construction machinery. This cost-effective method of moving your equipment ensures that wherever your next contract is located, you can have the right tools and vehicles for the job. We can also use our shipping service to send out purchases of used equipment from our extensive inventory. Shipping services by MY-Equipment Our used construction equipment can be sent from our base in Houston, Texas to any location in the United States. We offer full transportation of construction, agricultural and industrial machinery. Our equipment can also be shipped on purchase to any international destination. Contact our team today for details. In addition to shipping the machinery we sell, we can also arrange transportation for your existing equipment. Whether you are moving between work contracts, shifting machinery to another site, or heading back to the workshop for repairs and maintenance, we can help you move those large vehicles and machines safely.' Dismantling and shipping for construction machinery Use our heavy machinery shipping and forwarding service along with our comprehensive dismantling service. We have skilled engineers on hand to take apart your machines, and pack them up ready for transportation. All parts will be labelled, photographed and catalogued to ensure there are no losses. Machinery can be moved in pieces or transported in its complete state, depending on the type and size of equipment. Our team can advise on this. Safe transportation guaranteed At MY-Equipment, we understand how important your machinery is to you. After all, you can't do your job without the right equipment! When it comes to construction equipment shipping and forwarding, we work hard to keep to your schedule and make sure that the machines arrive at their destination on time. Our service is a highly cost-effective way of transporting machinery between two destinations, and we guarantee safety and security at all times. Have you got construction machinery to move? Choose a team you can rely on. For more information on vehicle and machinery transportation, and to arrange shipping for your construction equipment, call the MY-Equipment team today on 1-281-934-4000


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